Just Thinking of Comfort Foods Can Reduce Loneliness

Studies show how we hunger for social connection. Chicken soup. Macaroni and cheese. Apple pie. Am I making you hungry? According to a

How to Teach Your Kids About the Brain

Laying strong foundations for emotional intelligence. When children understand what’s happening in the brain, it can be the first step to having the

Learn to Like Yourself

A fun animation on learning to cope with your looks—and a mindfulness practice for cultivating a better relationship with yourself. How often do

Meet Your Second Brain: The Gut

How what's going on in your gut could be affecting your brain. Most of us can relate to the experience of having butterflies

Hands-On Research: The Science of Touch

Dacher Keltner elaborates on cutting-edge research into the ways everyday forms of touch can bring us emotional balance and better health. A pat

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