Campus Highlights

Step away from the day-to-day.

Enjoy life minute-by-minute in a setting that welcomes your arrival, energizes intentions, and transforms wellbeing. You’ll enjoy many deep breaths during your stay, as you take in the awe-inspiring redwoods and quiet vibrancy of the campus, while engaging in learning with a compassionate community of friends old and new.

Arrive with a warm welcome.

Your experience begins by crossing a footbridge over campus waters—symbolic of clarity, transition, and a refreshed outlook for the days ahead. Upon arrival at the Lodge, you’re invited to relax with refreshments from the café while getting acquainted with your program schedule, activities, and events. You can also book any treatments you desire at the Healing Arts center, take a trail map to guide your uplifting walks in the woods, and browse the shop for books, gifts, and more.

Feel the magical embrace of the redwoods.

A precious gift to us all, many of these majestic trees have been standing for more than a thousand years. You’ll savor time amidst these towering gems as you explore a winding stream and miles of forest trails, which invite you to reflect and connect—to nature and to yourself.

Celebrate nature, indoors and out.

Beautiful state-of-the-art facilities have been thoughtfully placed within their natural surroundings, encouraging you to spend as much time outdoors as inside. Each building was designed to nurture your stay, while seamlessly integrating with the environment. You’ll settle in with ease and feel right at home.

Exploring the Campus

Woodland Trails

Relish over four miles of picturesque trails on the 75-acre campus, designed with many places to rest and relax along the way. For a stroll, brisk walk, or jog, you’ll feel the peaceful, grounding strength of the redwoods with every step—a wonderful way to cultivate a balanced body and mind. Carbonera Creek meanders through the forest, awakening the senses and glimmering as the sun peaks through the trees. It carves a path alongside the woodland trails, which occasionally cross over the creek, offering a continuously inspiring vista to accompany your journey

Looking up at redwood tree cathedral

Amphitheaters and Auditorium

The Cathedral is a forest amphitheater that marks an enchanting setting amidst the oldest redwoods on campus—some over 12 feet in diameter and more than 400 feet high. Carbonera Creek flows quietly beneath the stage, composing an ideal atmosphere for enjoying an event or sitting quietly in a tranquil place.

Situated in front of Redwood Auditorium is the Amphitheater, another wonderful meeting place where you can sit under the redwoods and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It also offers an alternative space for open-air classes and acoustic artist performances.

The Commons

At the center of campus is the Commons, a lively hub where the Common Grounds Café beckons connection and conversation with comfortable inside tables and spacious patio seating. Come here to sip a cup of coffee or tea, nibble a tasty treat, gather with friends between program sessions, or browse the adjacent shopping area for interesting items to support your continued learning experience.

Labyrinth of rocks


Nestled under a stand of old-growth redwoods is the campus labyrinth, designed to help illuminate one’s inner path by offering a serene place to walk, clear the mind, and gain perspective. This ancient tradition has been used as a creative and spiritual tool for thousands of years. It reflects the journey of circling to one’s own center, then back again and into the world.


As the spiritual center of the campus, the Chapel is ideal for meditation and quiet introspection. It is also a beautiful lecture space. Originally built in the 1950s, it has been revitalized in celebration of spirit, accommodating us today beneath its slate roofs and curved wooden beams by offering further connection to ourselves and to each other—and to the waters and redwoods just outside its doors.

Chapel Beam Detail

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to compatible and sustainable environmental practices guides our planning, building, and operations. Whether it’s water, electricity, or natural gas, buildings have been designed to meet the most efficient standards. Some features include low-power lighting, maximum-efficiency facilities, rainwater-capture systems, reusable and natural construction materials, heating and cooling with natural airflow, and environmentally sensitive recycling practices.